Pati's Mexican Table: Pinata Party

Pati's Mexican Table

Pinata Party #313

Wednesday, July 2, 08:00 am on KCPT2 CH 19.2

Duration: 0:26:47

Description: What better way to end the season than with a big party? Pati throws a neighborhood bash and cooks up the easiest and best Mexican-themed dishes that would be a huge hit at any party. And what better accessory to a Mexican fiesta than a giant pinata? Pati also gets the chance to visit a pinata maker in the central market of Morelia. Recipe 1: Watermelon, Tomatillo & Mozzarella Skewers with Mint-Agave Syrup; Recipe 2: Red Pozole with Traditional Garnishes; Recipe 3: Mixed Melon, Lime & Coconut Agua Fresca; Recipe 4: Tres Leches & Strawberry Mexican Gelatin Dessert.


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