Executive Management Team

Kliff Kuehl, President & CEO
816-756-3580, ceo@kcpt.org

Karen Button, Chief Financial Officer
816-756-3580, cfo@kcpt.org

Donna Collene, Director of Human Resources
816-756-3580, dcollene@kcpt.org

Jeff Evans, Chief Technology Officer
816-756-3580, jevans@kcpt.org

Jon Hart, Vice President of Radio, The Bridge
816-756-3580, jon@bridge909.org

Carla McCabe, Senior Vice President of Content
816-756-3580, cmccabe@kcpt.org

Michael Murphy, Director of Programming
816-756-3580, mmurphy@kcpt.org

Ted Place, Senior Vice President Development
816-756-3580, tplace@kcpt.org

Angee Simmons, Vice President Education & Engagement
816-756-3580, asimmons@kcpt.org