Sesame Street in Communities
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Big Bird walks alongside girl and mom.
Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) is a new initiative designed to offer strategies, tips, activities, and professional development for providers to nurture parent/child interactions that in turn help children become school ready, increase their physical and emotional well-being, and develop resiliency to tackle life’s tough challenges and difficult topics. 

The resources—including printable activities, informational articles, videos, and workshop plans—engage both kids and adults in everyday moments and daily routines—from teaching early math and literacy concepts, to encouraging families to eat nutritious foods, to serious topics such as divorce and food insecurity.

We will be collaborating with community partners to develop workshops, outreach activities and professional development for community service providers and families to implement the new, innovative and community-based SSIC model. Explore the Sesame Street in Communities website and join us at upcoming local events, including a KCPT Kids & Sesame Street Block Party on October 14 and a KCPT Kids Early Childhood Summit featuring Sesame Street in Communities on November 3. Visit our events calendar for upcoming information.