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Fancy the British programs? Join the "BritCom Club!" We present television series and specials from across the pond and across genres — comedy, drama and mystery — both contemporary and classic. We purchase series from BBC and Acorn, as well as recently added Australian television, to keep our schedule full of viewing options. You can help keep the shows you love on air by becoming a member of the BritCom Club. 

Annual British Tea Event

Fans of British programming on KCPT gather each year for KCPT's Annual BritCom event for high tea and trivia.

Thanks to these BritCom Club Members

Marsha Adair
Carl Beer
Kim & Greg Blume
Sandra Boutelle
Tina Boutelle
Brenda White
Arnold & Donna Brown
Shannon Burnett
Hortense Burr
Mary Louise Byrne
Gene & Joanne Cable
Marne Close
Karen Coates
Barbara & David Comer
Cathrine Corral
Clay & Dona Cundiff
Penny Cutler
Ronald Dennis
Barbara Doak & Mary McNellis
Lorna Doolittle
Margaret Dreesmann
Anna Marie Dudte
Nancy Ebberts
Gary & Cora Elrod
Elwyn & Jenelle Fresh
Norene Gaines & Kama Truschke
Teresa Gaines
 James & Beth Gibson
Bonnie Gleason
Monique Goodeyon
William Grant
Deborah Haber
Natalie Halpin
Stephanie Hamil
Marnie Hammer & John Flaherty
J B Handelman
Lisa Harkrader
Raymond & Kristen Hawley
Sara Hodges
Jo Anne Jones
Nancy Liggett Kent
Lynda Krupp
Herbert & Tanya Litke
Charles & Betty Lynn
Jeff & Michelle Macke
Thomas & Brenda Marks
Russ & Michelle Marshall
William Masters & Tom McClue
Doris Mayes
Margaret McCorkendale
Irene McCorkindale
Jamie Milford
Peggie Modis
Walter & Diane Mooney
Pamela Moore
Donna Morgan
Forest & Cynthia Myers
Gary Nelson
Regina Nouhan
Doris Olson
Garnet Palmer
Carolyn Payne
David Raffel & Christine Underwood
Betty & Lewis Ross
Kenneth & Roswitha Schaffer
Stuart & Alice Scott
Arlene Segal
Nancy Shade
Kathleen Shannon
Mary Shirey
Leta & Gary Simoneau
Mary Smith
Debra Spence
Bruce Sporn
Dianna St John
Mary Stamper
Lisa Stickler
Rosemary Stipe
Sharon Tuley
Beatrice Tuttle
John Austin Van Hook
(In Memory of) Nadine Van Hook
Sara Wells
Charles & Linda Wells
Arnita Winders
David Winsby
JoAnn Witt
Kristen Woodbury
Patrick & Rose Yelton