Reasons to love KCPT

At Kansas City PBS, we’re dedicated to keeping the public in public media.

From high-quality children’s educational programming to civic-minded journalism available on-air and online, our mission is to serve you and our community.

Over a million people use KCPT each month.
KCPT, Flatland and 90.9 the Bridge have over 32 thousand Facebook likes.
260 volunteers donated 2,500 hours of their time for KCPT.
KCPT is partnered with more than 150 organizations.
PBS Kids reaches more Hispanic, African American, Asian American, and Native American preschool-aged children than any other kids network.
KCPT broadcasts over 35 thousand hours of broadcasting a year.
KCPT, Flatland and 90.9 the Bridge have over 33 thousand Twitter followers.
KCPT Education provides free professional development to nearly 300 early childhood providers, serving more than two thousand high-needs Pre-K children.
More than 28,000 members support KCPT and 90.9 The Bridge.
89 percent of people believe federal funding for PBS is too little or about right.
90.9 the Bridge plays over 8,500 hours of music a year and 912 hours of local music.
KCPT, Flatland and 90.9 the Bridge have over 14 thousand YouTube subscribers.
Nearly ten thousand educators access the PBS LearningMedia SITE, reaching more than 125,000 Pre-K to twelth grade students.
PBS Kids reaches 72 percent of all two-to-eight-year-olds.

PBS: Trusted. Valued. Essential. #ILovePBS

PBS, together with local member stations, serves all Americans with content and services that educate, inform and inspire.