Father Brown Season 7 - Premieres May 16

Assisted by the parish secretary, Father Brown works his way through a series of mishaps and intriguing clues to piece together the truth in 1950s Britain.

Saturday Night British Program Lineup
Settle in for an evening of British programming each Saturday evening on KCPT, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

The KCPT BritGram Club

Fancy all things British? We present television series and specials from across the pond and across genres — comedy, drama and mystery — both contemporary and classic. We purchase series from BBC and Acorn, as well as recently added Australian television, to keep our schedule full of viewing options. You can help keep the shows you love on air by donating to support British programs on KCPT.

2019 KCPT Great British Brunch

On Feb. 9, 2019, more than 130 BritGram supporters gathered in the 1900 Building for KCPT's annual teatime toast to all things British.

BritGram Club Members

Marsha Adair
Sharon Alta Cathers
Allen & Vivian Anderson
Ron Anderson
Laurie Arbore
Fay Balk & Douglas Alpert
Don & Rebecca Aripoli
Adrian & Gina Bankowski
Carl & Patricia Beer
Sandra Boutelle
Tina Boutelle
Susan Brown
Marne Close
Karen Coates
William Cody
Cathrine Corral
Martha Craig
Lindsay & Jeff Crick
Penny Cutler
Patti Dearth
Sister Barbara Doak
(In Memory of) Sister Mary McNellis
Patricia Dolan
Bill & Debbie Doll
Lorna Doolittle
Margaret Dreesmann
Dorothy Dring
Nancy Ebberts
Kay Elge
Mary Ellen Erwin
R.W. Esten & Ellen Karp
Judy Fields
John Flaherty & Marnie Hammer
Sandra Funk
Norene Gaines & Kama Truschke
Joe & Julienne Gehrer
Gregg & Margaret Gehrig
Stefan Gliniecki
Catherine & Randy Goetz
Marcia Hall & Jerry Quance
Natalie Halpin
Stephanie Hamil
Lisa Harkrader
Jane Harrell
Robin Harris
Karen & Dan Hartzler
Raymond & Kristen Hawley
Brenda Hedrick
Dee Helus
Hilary Hodges
Valerie Hodges & Bruce Sporn
Tiffany Hoffman
Patricia Holmquist
Kanishka Jayanetti
Karen Johnson
Nancy Kent
Billie Kingsolver
Mary Lewis
Herbert & Carol Lindsley
Violet Lofgren
Betty & Charles Lynn
William Masters & Tom McClue
Berthia Maurer
Doris Mayes
Ronald & Nancy Mazzia
Margaret McCorkendale
Cheri & Thomas McDonald
Jean Memken
Jamie Milford
Peggie Modis
Walter & Diane Mooney
Pamela Moore
Donna Morgan
Susie Morris
Susan Muro
Andy & Mary Myers
Gary Nelson
Regina Nouhan
Rob & Liz Novak
Doris Olson
Carolyn O'Malley
Susan Ray
Patricia Reitemeier
Lisa Rolf
MSgt Amber Ross
Glenda Ross
Kenneth & Roswitha Schaffer
Denise Schermoly
Alice Scott
Kathleen Shannon
Leta & Gary Simoneau
Valerie & Stephen Sommer
Erin Steele
Lisa Stickler
Rosemary Stipe
Paige Stormblade-Roberts
Janet Street
Mary Stringer
Nancy Talbott
Ernest Torok
Deborah Tripp
Cavery Uthappa & Appachu Kodira
Matt & Leah Valentine
John Austin Van Hook
(In Memory of) Nadine Van Hook
Kimberly Wade
Marianne Watson
Charles & Linda Wells
Sara Wells
Kathleen Welton
Sondra Williams
Lt Col Roxane Williams
JoAnn Witt
Kristen & Lisa Woodbury
Lynne & Steve Yarnevich
Rose Yelton
Herbert & Lisa Young