KCPT PBS KIDS Writers Contest

Each year, we invite young authors and illustrators in K-3rd grades to submit their stories to KCPT’s PBS KIDS Writers Contest! Entries are judged on creativity, story structure, and illustrations.

This year's contest is over, but check out past local and national winners and get ready for next year!
PBS KIDS Writers Contest

2017 KCPT Writers Contest Winners

1st – The Teddy Bear Picnic by Anna Grace Vogtner
2nd – One Little Turtle by Elizabeth Cure
3rd – A Dog and His Owner by Eleanor Pilgram

First Grade
1st – The Alien’s Request by Jake George
2nd – Rabbit & Turtle: The Garden Thief by Levi Peterson
3rd – Alien Crash by Chase VanSandt

Second Grade
1st – Pilgram’s Poems by Andrew Pilgram
2nd – The Friends That Saved Pancake by Piper Elle Mays
3rd – The Magician by Isabella Johnson

Third Grade
1st – How Cool Is That!!! The Sequel!!! by Ayanna Jain
2nd – How Cameras Saved the World by Jayla Walker
3rd – Big Nose the Superhero! by Rey Cox

2016 KCPT Writers Contest Winners

1st – “Fearless Freddy Goes to the Jungle” by Varenya Kale
2nd – “The Tooth Fairy’s Mistake” by Sylvie Ruff
3rd – “The Disco Party Wig” by Terrance King

First Grade
1st –“Hee-Ho Of Course Yo” by Helena Mattes
2nd – “The Bedtime Book” by Madeline Newell
3rd – “Alisa’s Great Plan” by Kate Unruh

Second Grade
1st – “Stewart: The Brave Page” by Owen Sime
2nd – “How Cool Is That!!” by Ayanna Jain
3rd – “Blue Trees?” by Bailey Scott

Third Grade
1st – “My Tricky Pet” by Cadence Cook
2nd – “The Adventures of Super E and Blue Boy” by Eleanor Leslie
3rd – “My Adventures in the Non-Fiction Section” by Elizabeth Newell

2015 KCPT Local Writers Contest Winners

1st – “No Dogs” by Madeline Newell
2nd – “The Skeletons and the Castle” by Ian Brewer
3rd – “The Goose” by William Silvia

First Grade
1st –“Dr. Electric’s Invention” by Jayla Walker
2nd – “The Ice Dragon” by Owen Sime
3rd – “Wooppy the Dog” by Ayanna Jain
Honorable Mention – “Meercats in Paris” by Sophia Brockmeier

Second Grade
1st – “Goggle Girl and the Missing Unishark” by Eleanor Leslie
2nd – “The Itsy-bitsy Ladybug” by Ishya Bhavsar
3rd – “Moo Is Rude” by Finley Blakenship

Third Grade
1st – “The Dragon and the Unicorn,” by Emily Brewer
2nd – “My Life as a Soccer Ball” by Ronan Siegel
3rd – “Becoming Friends” by Noah Stanton